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365 consecutive days on crutches as of today (a new Personal Record…one I hope I never come close to beating!)…..hopefully (if the Lord wills) no more than 380 (if that). I did a few steps w/o crutches yesterday at the chiropractor but those were still a bit much but nothing that sent me into a tailspin. I go back to the foot doc tomorrow so we’ll see what she says. I think she’ll be surprised – a big jump from when I saw her 3 weeks ago! Therapy will probably go into April but if we continue with this progress that should be it! And the good news is even when there’s a flare up/twinge it recovers quickly (like this morning holding a 2 yr. old at church sent me running for Advil…but it’s been fine the rest of the day w/o the boot!). On Friday I made it over 100ft round trip without any crutches at all once in the afternoon. Had a bit of a pang here or there later but I’m VERY encouraged! Someone asked how it felt & I told them of the pang but then said ‘what it really felt was weird….really weird…..but I can get used to it!’ I told Jennifer tonight that it was like baby’s first steps all over again!

Perhaps, if the Lord allows, my goal of matching shoes by Memorial Day will be seen! I figure it this way…I’m already doing better today than I was this time a year ago…at least this year I can put weight on my foot! After that…it’s all just nuisance & details. G’nite.

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