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Well I don’t know about you, but I’m glad it’s Friday. It’s been a wild week.

Monday – took a vacation day to take Mom to see 2 of her sisters in a nursing home in Cincy. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE RIOT! My 83 year old aunt can still hold the most coherent conversation. My other aunt struggles from a stroke but when they get her new hearing aid batteries she’ll be right back in the thick of things. She did a toast with every sip of pop or coffee or water. WHAT A HOOT! I’m ready to go back – they were so enjoyable! Mom enjoyed seeing them – been almost a year since any of us saw them – since the big family reunion last August.

Had all the ‘negotiating’ with the house and the stuff w/my foot. That’s all settling down. Got the MRI scheduled for next Thursday, July 6. Thankfully the Lord provided (again!) and let me get an exception – they approved a late appointment so I didn’t have to wait another 2 weeks for vacation. THANK YOU LORD! That keeps me on track with the doc.

Work is fun – I’m moving into some marketing responsibilities in addition to customer service. I really feel like I’m ‘in my groove’ when I do marketing/design/layout stuff, so now that I’m getting up to speed on things more projects have come my way. My supervisor is trying to get a better laptop to handle the new software we want to load. Let’s just say I’ll be doing all the layout for 5 different price books and this is the HUGE conversion year of taking it from Excel format to a desktop publishing software (maybe Adobe). But I’m loving it!

My foot was all over the map today. At times incredibly painful & I was ready to take some Advil ‘cuz I couldn’t put any pressure on it to walk. Other times I could limp w/o the crutches for short distances but felt it shortly thereafter. So I guess for now I’ll stick with my peglegs a while longer.

So all in all, it’s been a wild week of personal stuff. Just more plates to spin. But we’re officially moving toward closing – looking at July 14th, when my vacation starts. Still trying to determine a move date & having discussions with those involved about that.

So I’m gonna ‘call it quits’ for the night & chill out a bit. Looking forward to getting more ‘sorting thru stuff’ done this weekend to make the move easier.

Have a great weekend.

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