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A Good Tired

Sometimes you can be tired because you’ve been out too late doing things you probably shouldn’t be doing, or because you’ve decided you still want to be a college student & relive those all-nighters. Or you can be tired yet energized for doing the right work. That’s me right now.

I’m sleeping very well. I’m sleeping my usual 6-7 hours a night and I wake up before the alarm. I’m staying up later than usual, but it’s still the same amount of sleep. But for whatever reason my body is a bit tired…probably just from trying to get so much done in a short period of time. The dominoes get to start falling today…the last 2 days have been setting the foundation and that takes a lot of work; now I want to see results!

And it’ll start today.

I have a meeting in 3 hours or so and need to have some text written for it, so this will be short. My first 2 projects are brochures – redo one, and create a second. And it’s incredible! We hope to meet with the printer early on this week, too, to get a better idea of some stuff.

But this afternoon is a little break.

Veronica, Eric, and I are all going out for a couple hours this afternoon, which will be wonderful. I’m drinking up the fellowship like a sponge in a dry desert. I met Eric (PushingForward83) at church yesterday. I told him to look for someone on crutches!

OK – I can’t spend the little time I have doing this all morning (tho I could!), so I have to get going. After all, the Lord has entrusted me with some brochures.

Thanks for the prayers, and please continue. The projects we’re working on could be used by the Lord to draw someone into missions. What a privilege!

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