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A relaxing Saturday

Well, we worked hard all week and they freed someone up yesterday to help me check orders for a few hours and now I’m even staying even with the rest of the CS staff (they enter, I check — I joke about 4 against 1). So thanks to that boost I’m set up for a relaxing weekend. I’m playing on the ‘puter right now until I head to the home improvement store to get a piece of wood and also a tube of caulk. My project today is to clean the bathroom & recaulk the bathtub. Sounds crazy to some but it’s been bugging me and I really want to get it done. Mom will be processing tomatoes and zucchini a good bunch of the day, and we’ll take the obligatory 3 hour break to watch the OSU BUCKEYES football game! GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!

So I”m just a-chillin’ this weekend. Have a great day…….time to go shopping & get something done around here….since I’m actually HERE!

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