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Another touch

Another reason I continue to ‘monitor’ the VT events is because of a connection – though removed – to a couple people on campus.

When I was on staff w/GCM, two people on staff at a campus church at VT came through staff training – Jim & Tracy Pace. Another pastor who helped start the campus church there many many years ago is now in CA with a new church plant but is on the VT campus this week ministering: JR Woodward. When I saw they were still on staff I started reading their church website, found here:

If you feel so led, please stop by the site & drop a line of encouragement and support to them. They’ve posted a list of their connections with at least a dozen of the victims – that’s almost 1/3! They need ministered to, as well, as they minister to others. God can fill the empty bucket of their hearts & emotions & minds right now.

The VT alumni are coordinating a maroon & gold day tomorrow, so if your wardrobe allows, please consider wearing their colors as a silent reminder to continue to pray for them.


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