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Balancing act

I hate politics. No, let me be more direct & less politically correct: I DESPISE politics! All it amounts to is manipulation and back-handed deals with little faithfulness or honesty. And yet, somehow, I suddenly find myself in the thick of potentially running a ‘political’ campaign.

The City just granted a rezoning request for 94 acres that butt against my backyard. A big developer wants to put in condos & apartments & retail facilities, etc. I don’t believe the City is ready to handle it due to various funding problems (we voters like to vote NO on taxes!). But since the City decided, in its infinite – wisdom? – that it’s still in the best interest of the City to let this happen, we are now faced with looking at filing a referendum. And somehow, through all this, I’ve been dubbed the ‘spokesperson’ for our neighborhood.

So it’ll be interesting to see what happens. We have a 30 day timeframe in which to file this, so we have to collect 480 signatures (so we’ll get more like 600 or so). It’ll be a busy month. And then we’ll see what happens from there.

I’d appreciate your prayers….for balance…for not letting this monopolize time or energy that I miss out on time w/my Mom & brother. I already told Mom I don’t want her feeling like she has to carry the burden of this or get worn out/worn down with this – if that’s the price, I’m not willing to pay it. I’d like to see the referendum be successful and would appreciate prayers for that. It would be on the November ballot. But first we have to get the signatures & everything we need & file it before April 4th. Clock’s ticking…..

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