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Be Gumby!

I like Gumby! You’ve heard of Gumby, haven’t you? The elastic-like rubber cartoon character that can be stretched & stretched & pulled & twisted & mangled and somehow never breaks or cracks & always returns to the original condition, still smiling and almost challenging you to try again?

Well, I get to be Gumby! We all know life has its twists & turns & challenges & I’m getting a number of them from work this summer. Summer in the door business is a busy time. A stressful time. A stretching time. And at times you can see the toll it takes. And in this business you have to be Gumby (flexible) to meet the continuing and changing needs of our customers or suddenly you find yourself looking for a job because your customers are buying elsewhere.

I thought about Gumby after I spent time with the Lord this morning crying out for grace and strength and mercy as I tackle my new responsibilities at work starting today. Well, they’re not ‘new’ – I did them before – now I’ll be the sole person responsible for it instead of sharing it with another person. And that’s no problem – I like what I’ll be doing. It does get stressful with the phones and the new staff members asking questions to continue to learn and all – and I think that’s what concerns me most. Before I had back up if I got swamped. Now I don’t. There will be a time period where we’ll be stretched again. And the train I’m riding has to keep moving or it effects everyone else. I so appreciate the trust & confidence the Company places in me to do this. I don’t take that lightly. With still being on crutches it’s a bit more of a challenge because there’s more up & down than before, but hopefully I”ll be walking w/o the crutches in the next 4-6 weeks so that’s just temporary. I just have to remember to be Gumby!

So I’d appreciate your prayers in that regard. If you’re reading this, just ask the Lord to help me be flexible & pleasant and calm and rest in Him…to bend and not break. I really want to honor the Lord through my work and my attitude, and being human, that stress can come through which can result in a little chit-chat with my supervisor and then I feel like a schmuck & my mind starts racing with all kinds of distracting thoughts. I just have to remember to be Gumby – be tough & be flexible – and know that the Lord will not give me more than I can handle with HIM at my side!

So go…be Gumby today! Since we know Who’s doing the pulling, we know we won’t break! So we can keep smiling – just like Gumby!

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