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Beyond words – season of the soul

Sometimes there are no words. Words would ruin – the moment, the atmosphere – the whatever. There is power in silence. Sometimes the things of the heart are so vast, expansive, deep, and yet incomplete that there are no words to describe it. Sometimes you just want someone to sit with you in silence – to just ‘be’ and not have to ‘do’ or ‘talk’ or anything else. ‘Just be with me.’

To try to capture the season of the soul with finite words is like trying to capture the ocean in a bucket. To put the deep workings of the Holy Spirit into black and white words on a piece of paper (if you’re lucky) is like taking a shopping list of 100 items into a store and only carrying the little carry basket to hold it.

What is one to do when those seasons of the soul come along? Wallow in the mire? Cry ‘poor me’ because no one understands; or there’s no one to ‘just sit with me’ or no one who REALLY understands? No. The Word is simple. David had it down. ‘I cried unto the Lord with my voice.’

Don’t let words ruin the moment. Just ‘be’ with the Lord. For however long it takes….days, months, years. Drink deep of His grace and His richness. Let HIM feed your soul. Let HIM hear your cry. Let HIM ‘just be with you.’ Don’t ruin the silence for the sake of mere words. And don’t let others. Sometimes there is a silence that reaches far beyond words.

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