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Big Dreams

“My dream isn’t ultimately about me. It’s about how God wants to bless and reach others through me. THOSE FOLKS NEED ME to embrace God’s dream for me.” That was a huge morsel I took away from our pastor’s teaching yesterday. It was the 2×4 upside the head this blockhead needed. My life suddenly went from ‘hopeful/wishful thinking’ to ‘fire in the belly/determined purpose.’

Pastor Brian really delivered yesterday. It was passionate and God-anointed. What’s the dream God has placed in your heart? What is it you REALLY want to do where you use your gifts and glorify Him through it? What’s in the way? Are you?

I was. I’ve had a very specific dream for 4 years. Brian pointed out that Joseph had to wait 13 years for the dream of his family bowing before him to become reality. Brian shared he had to wait 15 years for the pastorate he believed God wanted him to have. I’ve been waiting 4 years and IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY!

I realized this ‘holding pattern’ God has me in is PART of the plan, not an OBSTACLE to it. I’M SQUANDERING PART OF GOD’S DREAM FOR ME by not making the most of this time. I need to quit my whining!

So I contacted the key players in this dream. I shared what’s been on my heart and as many of the specifics as I have about how to get there. I’ve asked all of us to put together a 5-year plan (literally) for what I can do to let God grow me into the dream as I wait. John Waller’s song ‘While I’m Waiting’ has taken on new significance. I have a fire in the belly with a determined purpose to no longer squander what God wants to do in my life NOW….to focus on what’s in front of me knowing it will lead to the dream.

What’s your dream? Are you in the way? Have you made it about you and not HIM?! Don’t squander the time….redeem it for Him. He will give you the desires of your heart.

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