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Breaking all the rules

I confess…I’ve not been obeying doctor’s orders. She told me no change in activity & to use 2 crutches til I see her next Monday. And as much as able I have been. But moving & cleaning a house & all that goes with it makes it a bit hard to be on 2 crutches all the time. I’m not lifting or anything, and if I’m walking on my foot it’s on carpeted surfaces, for the most part. And I told my brother I would tell her all this when I see her next week.

Maybe it’ll actually be OK to be doing this…it’ll give us an indication if the cortisone shots are working. But I’m doing my best to behave as much as possible, and come Saturday when we move, I’ll be a GREAT traffic director.

Hope your week is going well. Play time is over…time to get started on today’s packing projects.

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