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Catching up

I know, I know……it’s been a while. Things have been really busy, so here’s a brief update:

1) things with the house have kept me busy…last weekend we re-dug drain pipes and that seems to have solved my water issues, tho with the rain this next week we’ll see how much! That whole process was an experience of getting quotes & then finding someone who would do it on the side, so what others were quoting for thousands (with more than what we did, granted) we’ve done for $700. And seeing results!

2) just bought a stove Thursday – it comes Tuesday. The one that was in the house has been an imitation of an oven – we only cook on the stovetop, and after 4 months we’ve cooked just about everything you can on stovetop. God provided. Again. I’m not surprised. I am thankful.

3) the foot has been monopolizing a lot of time….still on crutches. Another complication trying to take root – either tarsal tunnel or RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy – the nerve fires only pain signals). It seems to be responding to the meds which is good (the pain is not debilitating like it was) but that could also very well indicate the RSD, which is the more severe of the complications. Prayers MUCH appreciated. She said if it’s that ‘we’re at the mercy of your nerves’ and she wouldn’t make any promises. I’ve been on crutches since Feb. 25th and it looks like it’ll be a bit longer. I was once hoping to be off them by my birthday (Nov. 13th) but that’s not going to happen. I’m just resting in the Lord. It could be worse. I started physical therapy a few weeks ago so that’s taking a lot of time, too.

That’s about it….been a busy month. I’ll try to get back to some of the other stuff I was sharing soon.

May you walk in His grace, share His love, and be His heartbeat to the world today.

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