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Chasing ghosts

Isn’t that really what it is…the ‘American dream’? This morning I went to visit a family who is leaving in 10 days for missionary training with To Every Tribe Ministries. It’s our church’s first missionary to send out. It was a 45 minute drive to their place and while I was on the highway I saw all the cars passing by me and all the farmers’ fields ripe for harvest, and it just struck me. We (Americans) are so self-centered and striving after the ‘American dream’ and we’re always on the run chasing it. Have you noticed it’s elusive & is never caught?

Right? We always need more. When the next technological gadget comes out, we want it. I was the same way. Years ago it was a pager. Then personalized plates. Then a cell phone. Then cable tv.

And you know what I’m finding? The dream is empty. Worse than that, it’s unfulfilling. I want something in my life that matters. That counts. That makes an eternal difference, not just gives temporary comfort. I don’t want a life of comfort. I want to live on the edge.

If you’re running…..stop. If you’re chasing…..stop. If you’re not sure…..stop. Please…..don’t waste your energy and the time & talents & gifts the Lord has entrusted to you on things that slip away. Seek after something that matters. A life lived for others. A life of self-sacrifice. A life of service. A life that gives stuff away, not seeks after more.

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