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Crazy Chaos

I don’t know about you but it sure seems life has picked up steam lately. Seems I am just going….and going…..and going. I think I’d give the Eveready Bunny a run for his money. Maybe minus the drumbeat.


It could easily become a litany of all I have going on….working close to 50 hours a week, Wednesday night class at church (which I absolutely LOVE), serving Mom (which is one of my top priorities), Ragamuffin ice cream, this movie thing……and then again there’s this other movie thing….thoughts about summer projects for the house, oh – guess I should do taxes, garden thoughts, still trying to finish the winter project of gutting my room, fighting my eating disorder which has decided to raise its ugly head for a bit. And then being involved as part of the multi-site location start up for my new church. It feels like the list could go on as within each one of those is a short list of things taking energy. Sometimes I feel like the plate spinner in the circus. I think I’m getting good at it!

Right now it’s work. We got hit with two huge transfer orders going to sister branches. Only problem is they ship the same day. Either one would require almost a week of work to produce as we had just shipped a different transfer the week prior. My crew set 2 records last week but have been a person short the first 2 days of this week. I have reassigned a staff member to help them but that means I need to keep an eye on her stuff and pitch in as needed. We finally had full staff back there as of yesterday. Needless to say our sister branches have graciously let us ship their orders a day or two later than originally scheduled. But my team is kicking it hard. We bought them 2 lunches this week – one for each of the records they broke last week. And who knows…if they really push it today they might break a record again (one of the ones they set last week). That on top of my other job responsibilities keeps me hopping. It’s been common to work through lunch right now which I don’t prefer to do, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do at times.

So by the time I get home I will have worked 10.25 hours or so and I’m not exactly ready for home stuff. Figuring out dinner. Doing a foot treatment for Mom twice a week. Anything else that needs done that didn’t get done during the day. Sometimes it’s 8p before I’m even sitting down to relax before I go to bed at 9:30. Because 4:40a comes REALLY early, especially when you’re awake for an hour in the middle of the night as well.

What I miss most is time to enjoy my family. This movie thing I’m doing – a part-time booking agent for Color Green Films and Ministries – needs some of my time. When I did stuff last year I did it on lunch break mainly. But we’ve grown and are more organized so it’s not that easy this time. And lunch isn’t a common thing right now. So I want to do stuff at night. But I want to enjoy my family. It’s a constant pull. So I look to do stuff on Saturdays….until something at the house comes up because the weekend are my main times to get stuff done.

And then there’s this OTHER movie gig I’m doing….promoting one of the screenings. Right now is the crux time for that so I’ve been getting the PR ready for the movie. A radio interview and setting up ticket give-a-ways for that. Stuff at the venue itself – tables for lobby stuff, concessions – still nailing down some volunteers. Copying the posters, stuffing and mailing envelopes, putting up posters at various public places. Once this crunch is past I think it will settle. A little. Maybe.

But what’s absolutely cool about this is in the midst of all this chaos – our humanness – something really encouraged me this week. We had a rough morning at the house one day this week. And I mean ROUGH. To the point I was in tears. We are all human. We get frustrated and snap and act in ways we don’t want to. And it just so happened to be on a Sunday morning. We made it through the day. I was up helping Mom in the middle of the night and she said my brother had given her 5 roses as an apology. How incredibly sweet!

What I didn’t know was what was waiting for me when I got up.


The coffee pot was already set up – all I had to do was flip the switch. It’s the little things. Especially on a Monday morning. And there was a card. It was short, sweet, and heartfelt.

That was so sweet and I thanked him. That meant a lot to me. He has come SO far from his behavior when he was drinking….the way it should be when someone is committed to living sober, not just being sober. It was a special, tender moment and one that warmed my heart.

I flew out the door for work. He was still up. Couldn’t quite figure out why but it was his day off so whatever he wanted to do I guess. As I walked down the ramp to my car there was something on my car – on the windshield to be exact. When I got up close I just started to cry a tear of love. He had put 5 roses on my windshield overnight so they greeted me before I left for work.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to take them to work or leave them at home. I went back in the house to put them in water and since he was still up I knocked on his door. He had the HUGEST grin of ‘surprise’ and self-satisfaction that I have ever seen. Now I know why he was staying up! The roses are in my office and remind me of his love every day.

Not a bad way to start the day…and it has certainly gotten me through those 10 hour days. In the crazy chaos, there is peace. With that I can get through the rest of the week, posters, and whatever comes my way. Never underestimate the little things. They go a LONG way!

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