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Doc gave me a hug!!!

She walked into the examination room last night. I sat in the chair like usual with my exposed foot sticking out for her to look at as she listened to my latest exploits in my pursuit of health and walking. But this time was different. She walked in and seemed taken aback by something. Something caught her eye. She curiously started looking around – first to her left, then to her right. Then she saw something shiny behind the chair and took a step to take a peek. Nothing different there, either. Her face got a look of guarded anticipation as she asked ‘Where are they?’ She was looking for my crutches. I just slyly looked at her with a smug smile and simply said ‘they’re in the car.’ She smiled like Cheshire Cat and came over and gave me a great big hug! Now THAT’S a doctor involved with her patient!

Yes, folks, we’ve turned a corner and we’re actually starting to progress down it. We continue to see improvement with the foot and I’m starting to walk w/o them in limited distances. Up to now we’ve been tracking it in feet – how far do I walk one way w/o the crutches. Now we’re going steps. At work (glue down carpet which has been our nemesis up to this point) I walked about 40 steps or so one way last week w/o the crutches. Yesterday I was off the crutches more than I was on.

Our goal is to be able to get rid of the crutches by Thanksgiving. We may make it. I still have to be able to do steps for that to happen. I told her I’m not confident enough to try those yet. We need a little more time. She agreed! Wholeheartedly! But we’re working towards it.

The weather is going to change dramatically by tomorrow so she said the rest of this week will be rough for me. I was already starting to feel it yesterday and it continues this morning. But maybe I’ll make it into winter with only the boot and no crutches! That’ll make it easier on the snow & ice!

Just wanted to share the excitement! Continued prayers most appreciated. God is faithful.

Dios te bendiga,


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