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Dodging bullets…ok…needles

Boy….that was close! Tonight was d-day for me…the day the doc decided (this time) if she wanted to give me a certain test. I had had trouble w/ a lot of tingling & numbness in my ankle area & last appt. she gave me 2 weeks before she was going to run an EMG. Let me explain what this is:

Imagine sitting in an exam chair with your leg elevated to about waist high. No anesthesia. It doesn’t matter how soothing she tries to sound…what is about to happen will be anything BUT soothing. Now, imagine closing your eyes, trying to calm yourself while nervously waiting for the first jab. She warns you, you try to relax to make it hurt less but it doesnt’ work. Suddenly there’s a needle sticking in the side of your ankle (yea – that fleshy, sensitive part) with electrical current being sent thru it to see how well the nerves are working. It’s not like they believe you when you LOUDLY say OUCH!!!!!!!!!!! and try to tell them they’re working JUST fine! NO>>>>>>>>>>>>they have to see what the TEST says! Imagine this mini-electrocution repeated up to 5 times or so. And they wonder why you take Advil for 3 days afterward! I thought we were trying to CALM the nerves, not make them worse!

Can you tell I’ve had this test once before – about 10 years ago. It was …. memorable …shall we say!

Thankfully the Lord is healing and the doc again said the test is on the back burner. Dont’ get me wrong – there are still numerous issues with my foot (tarsal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, RSD, sesmoiditis – and it all started from a sprain that went into tendonitis last February! Yes…I’ve been on crutches 11 months, now! She did put some extra support in the boot…it’s getting so worn out that I had a crater where my heal sits & we’re confident that wasn’t helping things. The support feels good. I can tell the difference. She said ‘now your foot has a better bed.’ It makes a huge difference. It’ll need to be replaced every couple of months but I can already feel the extra support.

But the Lord is healing and I’m able to start doing a little walking w/o Peg & Leg – even around the office. She doesn’t mind me pushing it as long as I don’t go back 4 steps. So we’re still playing it smart. She said it’s still feasible that I could be off the crutches this month, yet. It may stretch a week or so into Feb., and I’ll still be in the boot for at least 2 more months, but this is the closest we’ve come yet! I dont’ know that I’ll see matching shoes by Easter, but probably by Memorial Day!

So I’m thankful. And if I can’t play dodgeball – I’ll just dodge needles instead. Would appreciate continued prayers that the nerves would settle. They are the problem. Thanks.

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