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Giggle Twin Power – Activate!

Many MANY years ago there was a cartoon called the WonderTwins. When they needed their teamed power they would touch rings and say ‘Wonder Twins Power – Activate!” I guess you could call it the first draft of Sync technology. Well, my Giggle Twin Power got activated last night after 9 months.

Tammy (aka: ‘Giggle Twin’) is on furlough in the States and we finally connected last night. She’s on volunteer staff at an orphanage in Honduras. You can see a pic of us in the photo strip – it’s from our reunion in 2004.

Talking with her was 2 of the most wonderful hours I’ve spent on the phone. I could try to find the words but I’d only fall short. She is a dear kindred spirit friend. We can just talk – no pretention, to facades, no games. We can just be real. Everyone needs a friend like that.

God uses her in my life. She is someone who understands – my passion for ministry, missions, Spanish, serving – she’s doing it now. How can you explain to someone what it means when someone understands from the heart and not just the head? She is that for me – God uses her in my life. To encourage. To reprove. To challenge. To support. To press on. To walk the road with. She is there…even if not physically.

I made a statement to her last night and it just really strikes me: ‘No one wants to be alone in a crowd but everyone wants to be in a room with someone and be alone.’ Translation – everyone wants a friend that will sit with them and not expect them to say anything – to just BE and not say a word.

Tammy is that in my life. We were able to talk about everything going on in our hearts, and we knew the other would understand. In an ocean of ‘stuff’ we found an island. With a friendly face.

God activates the Giggle Twin powers. It’s only Him in action. We both know that. We both understand that. And we both treasure that. We know we ‘spur one another on toward love and good deeds.’ And we are blessed.

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