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God knows

God knows. And it’s really cool when He shows you He knows – like when there’s a desire of your heart that you haven’t really shared and God addresses it. He showed Himself in that way last night when the phone rang.

Kirby, my friend from Canada, surprised me with a call. Kirby is one of those kindred spirit friends (see post of a week or so ago). We met on the mission trip to Mexico last year and he came down for a missions conference last November. He’s hoping to start at the TETM missionary training school in Texas in January. He’s a dear brother, a great friend, and has a deep heart for the things of the Lord. When we talk, it’s ‘meaty’ stuff – just straight to the heart. And I desire those kinds of conversations – to talk about the things of the Lord, encourage, be encouraged, pray, laugh, challenge…just be friends.

So I’m still smiling today. We talked for over an hour and it flew so fast. How do you put into words how special a friend is? I can’t. But God knows!

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