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God knows and protects

This past weekend I almost lost 2 family members in a boating accident – Dad & Steve. We’re thankful for the Lord’s protection of them and the ‘coincidences’ of the rescue.

Steve had come to town from Maryland for the weekend. They were on a fishing trip when the canoe capsized. Now realize – it’s 9:30am with 60 degree water, cold in the morning so each is wearing extra clothes, and the lake is basically deserted because the other fishing groups had not yet arrived. Two others had gone with them (my other brothers) and had taken the jon-boat to another part of the lake. At ‘about’ the same time they decided to head back to see what Dad & Steve were doing is ‘about’ the time the canoe capsized. Flotation devices were on board but they did not have life jackets on. The water was about 12 feet deep.

They started kicking while pushing the canoe toward land but they were a good 40 feet from shore. Remember all the gear they had on, so when it go wet, they were probably each carrying an extra 30 pounds in cold water, and Dad’s 73. They got to within about 10 feet off shore & they were getting REALLY tired and wondering if they could make it the last bit. ‘About’ the time they were close & fading my other brothers came around the point. Steve saw them and yelled for them. The other boat started in that direction. Seeing help on its way gave the extra adrenaline to keep kicking another 5 feet or so where they got to a stump/tree limb where they could hang on. The others got them out of the water & quickly up the hill, one at a time (Dad said to take Steve first and all 3 brothers quickly said ‘NO – you’re going.’ Dad’s teeth were chattering & he was already showing signs of hyperthermia as they had been in the water about 15 minutes). They got them into dry clothes & blasted the car heaters and things started to stabilize. Then they all sat around & talked & joked & enjoyed each other for about 2 hours. And said ‘thank you, Lord’ an awful lot.

We are thankful we didn’t have double funerals this week. While it’s a joke now, it was scarey. Scott, my brother, later cried that night with Mom saying he was so afraid he’d lose them both.

God knows. All the ‘coincidences’ were really God at work, making His presence known, and prayerfully drawing them closer to Him. Pray for that – that my family would come to Christ, and that I would be given words to testify & share the gospel in light of the recent events. Thanks.

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