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Hurricane Felix in Honduras – Angel and Tammy are there!

Felix hit Honduras today. Angel (the middle child in my picture on the left) lives in San Pedro Sula up near hte coast, and Tammy (aka ‘Giggle Twin’ from our trip to Honduras) is a little closer to the center in Teguciagalpa. Any area could have trouble from torrential rain from a Cat 5. Compassion will contact me if Angel is directly impacted by the hurricane – his family, himself, his project, etc. I just emailed Tammy to see if she’s OK….she’s supposed to go to Belize in a couple days. Not sure that’s gonna happen – wonder what that will do to her visa – as part of her visa she has to leave the country & re-enter. Alex is up here in the States but his Aunt & grandparents are still in Honduras.

Prayers most appreciated. Thanks.

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