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I like blinky lights!

Blinky lights are a wonderful thing…when they’re SUPPOSED to blink! In this case they alerted the plane captain to an engine problem and he shut the engine down. They pushed us back to the gate (we were getting ready to taxi) and two hours later we were off again.

Where would we be without blinkly lights along our paths? Warning lights – maybe conscience, maybe a caution light at an intersection, maybe the words of a friend (reproval hurts but helps), an ‘idiot light’ on your car dashboard. What crises have been avoided, averted, by heeding the warning light?

I’m thankful the pilot did his job today. You can’t fly a plane with 105 people on it with one engine. It just doesn’t work. But have I listened to other blinky lights in my life – not just today, but other days? Have I read the Word? Have I prayed over it, prayed it into my heart, listened to it, LIVED IT? Have I been a blinky light for someone else? Have I seen the caution light that they ignore, and if so, do I act on it?

I confess I’ve failed miserably in looking for – asking for – expecting – blinky lights in my life. I need to be in the Word. I need His refreshing in my soul, my heart, my life. I need His touch. He sees what’s about to malfunction. He has the warning light already lit up. Am I heeding the warning, or is it just an ‘idiot light’ for an ‘idiot?’

“Thy Word is light unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

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