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I’m alive!

Yes, Virginia…Sue IS alive!

Hey, all…it’s been a WHILE! Just life…busy. Between foot doctor appts. every 2 weeks, City Council meetings every 2 weeks, physical therapy 2-3x EACH week…and a HUGE project at work, things have just been crazy.

My older brother and my niece got in from Maryland last night & we’re heading to my other brother’s place in for a bit. The only family member missing is my sister. The cousins haven’t seen each other in 2 years so they’re all chomping to see each other. I just sit back with the camera & make memories.

The foot has been improving to the point I was actually able to start walking on it a bit at work. Then 2 weeks ago I had a mishap in the church parking lot & it set it back again. I wasted a week of my life being frustrated & discouraged. That’s getting better. The foot is starting to improve tho I still have my moments. The goal/hope is to be off the crutches by the end of January. Yes, folks, that will make 11 months on crutches! And I’ll still be in the boot for a couple months after that, so I figure I’m in the boot until at least April. And Mexico comes up in July.

In a nutshell, that’s it. I’ve turned 43 shortly after my last post. I still love being a homeowner, my crawl space is dry, and God is blessing.

May HE be the center of each day of your life. Blessings –


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