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I’m in a Hurry to Get Things DONE – WAIT!


Techy Geek Stuff

When I got home I AGAIN hooked up the IMac hoping that maybe the scenic tour around I270 would knock loose whatever the internal hang up was. I mean…it’s reasonable to hope that a few bumps along the way will knock the sense into the hard drive programming, right?! So as I was trying to follow the steps they did at the store (the instructions email never came through) I thought I discovered the holy grail when it appeared the task Derek (the support dude) was trying to accomplish may have actually happened! I had hope! Until I called Tech Support…again.

Long story short…..I was wrong. Back to square one: take it somewhere and shell out some cash. Even if the repair is a couple hundred it’s still an acceptable price to pay for an IMac. I mean let’s just say the hard drive in it right now is 500 GB. And I was using 9….


I first heard the phrase ‘Hurry Wait’ at Kanakuk. I worked at Kanakuk Kamp in Lampe, MO for 5 years and they were the BEST and most formative summers of my life. I worked in the kitchen – serving 400 staff and kampers 3 meals a day, without air conditioning and sanitizing dishes with an over 100 degree Hobart steam machine. Oh yeah baby! So since the kitchen was a key place for kamp operations we prepared things in advance and then waited when the schedule changed. We just called it K-flex! It has served me well!

The Knee


I have been emotionally and mentally preparing to hear the ‘S’ word….no, not that one….the Surgery one. That way at least I will have worked through the disappointment and at best I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s not necessary. But for now…I wait. Hurry for the MRI. And wait.

I am trying to not rush ahead. My pastors prayed for my leg Saturday night and I was sharing with them my concerns about the interruption of my knee injury. There are, after all, things I have planned. I have an agenda. And while God cares about my agenda, my agenda is not His.


It’s been tough….the ‘fixer’ in me wants to manipulate things…tell God how I need Him to make things happen and on what timeline I need it to happen. There is a very special retreat in mid-October…the Walking Sticks Retreat ( God has worked powerfully in my life through the retreats held the last 2 years and I really want to go again this year.



So I’m still meeting with a dietician and generally speaking I look forward to seeing her each week. Until this week…only because the wheels started to wobble and I knew she wouldn’t like what she saw on my food log.

I’m not sure what has brought it on but it seems my ‘care’ factor just went out the window for the weekend. My eating basically resembled pre-dietician days. I told her I needed a kick in the butt which she willingly gave. “Your food plan isn’t designed for only 4 days. Four is better than none but it’s designed for all 7.” And she point blank said she couldn’t make me care and the two main choices were either continue with her or don’t. As she said ‘you don’t need me to tell you how to not eat.’ I told her ‘that’s what landed me here.’


So for now I wait for the ‘care factor’ to kick back in and I focus on doing what I’m supposed to do, even when I don’t feel like it.


Waiting is no fun. I’m not a patient person though I am growing in


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