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I’m Running to Your Arms

Run to me. Run the race with perseverance. Throw off everything – EVERY THING – that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. Throw off – with forceful motion to gain greatest separation. Not just toss. Not just remove. THROW! Use EVERY OUNCE of your energy and put it behind that object – that idol – that hindrance. GET IT OUT OF YOUR WAY ONCE AND FOR ALL!

And run. Spring into action. Push off with one leg. And then the next. And then the first as it is thrust in front of you. And then the second as it takes the place of the first. Repeat the motion. Again. And again. And again. As fast as you can – run. Heave for air. I will fill you up. Pant for water. I will meet your thirst. And run THROUGH the finish line. Not just close to it. Not just further than before. Not just ‘close enough.’ Run THROUGH it.

And I’ll be waiting. I am on the other side of the finish line. I see you. I cheer you. I am the wind beneath your wings. I am the spring in your leg. I am the air you breathe. My arms are open. I am waiting. I am waiting for you to come to Me. I came to you a L O N G time ago. Now it’s your turn. And I am waiting.

Do you remember running into your daddy’s arms as a little kid? Child-like abandon. You would run and keep running as he swooped you into the air, tossed you over his head, caught you, hugged you, rejoiced in you, enjoyed you, laughed with you, and relished your child-like carefree giggle. “Do it again, Daddy!” I am waiting for that moment with you. Run all the way into my arms. Just as you never stopped short in front of your dad and waited for him to pick you up, don’t stop short in front of me. Run at me full bore. Be all in. I will catch you. I will swoop you up, toss you in the air, enjoy you, laugh with you, and love you. Because I am your Father. And you are my child. And I love you.

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