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I’m such a bad blogger…but I’m back!

OK – I apologize. I’m SUCH a bad blogger – 7 months between entries?! No tango mucho tiempo ahora (I don’t have much time right now) but here’s a quick blink to what I have to catch you up on:

– I’ve been preoccupied for the last 5-6 months on a HUGE surprise party for Mom & Dad. We pulled it off on July 18-19th and we have pictures posted on photobucket. We actually pulled it off – with about 60-75 guests from across the country! So stayed tuned for that one!

– I love our garden – we expanded it to help cut the veggie bill this winter. We have about 12 bags of frozen green beans and broccoli, tomatoes are just coming in so canning those will start hot & heavy next week, and our cucumbers are so abundant that we gave 8 away around the neighborhood, will start doing some canning of those, and will be setting up a sign at the edge of the road to sell them, too!]

– still on crutches after 2-1/2 years but I’m in real shoes and walking about 75% of the time at work w/o the crutches (yet yesterday it just tanked on me so I was hugging peg & leg for the last 90 minutes of the day).

– learning Spanish from a local family but they just moved to FL since the husband got transferred w/the Army so now I have to continue on my own – anyone want to help?

– my pastor/friend of 16 years just moved west – the same week my tutor left…lots of friends leaving in a short period of time

And now I must get ready for work….but that’s a quick snapshot of the last 7 months. So stay tuned….I promise I’ll write more soon!

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