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Is THAT how it feels?!

Most of you know that I’ve been on crutches for over a year because of an injury suffered last year that has led to 4-5 soft tissue complications. While I”m still on crutches & in the boot, the foot is getting stronger and allowing me to do more things (and in a few weeks we may start weaning from the boot!).

Last night I got a taste of what it feels like to stand unaided in my own yard! I was able to put on my old running shoes which have a hard mid-sole (better ankle support) and do some mild raking in the front yard, which is a bit sloped/uneven. And THEN Scott (my brother) and I worked on Mom’s car to replace some burned out bulbs…on the concrete garage floor, still in shoes. AND NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!

Is THAT what it feels like to STAND on my own two feet?! I’m learning to walk all over again! AND I LOVE IT!

So today has some more stuff outside on the docket, and a guy coming in an hour to do some work in the attic. Ah, how I love spring!

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