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It’s the little things

You probably have them in your life. I pray you’re blessed with them. I am. And I’m SO thankful!

Friends. Not just your everyday, run of the mill, let’s watch TV together or talk on the phone social friends. I mean something deeper than that. Something that penetrates the shell we all put up and gets behind to the things of the heart. I mean kindred spirit friends. Those friends you may not see much of but when you connect you pick up right where you left off. It could be months. It might be years. But it’s like it was yesterday as far as you’re concerned.

I am blessed with such friends. You’ve met one – Tammy, my ‘Giggle Twin.’ She puts a smile on my face just at the thought of her. Another one is on xanga…Veronica (passthenailstome). And another one prompted this post. Kirby. He’s SUCH a dear brother (and will be embarrassed if he reads this). I met him the same time I met Veronica – on the Mexico mission trip last year. Kirby was the only one from Canada and was a part of our group. His heart for the Lord really challenged me when I had a ‘baditude’ (bad attitude) attack. Over the week the Lord just brought our hearts together and allowed us to keep in touch. Last November he flew down from Canada to go to a missions conference where David Sitton (from To Every Tribe Ministry) was speaking. We had rich fellowship that weekend and the Lord continues to allow us to keep in touch. Kirby wants to be a part of the missionary training school in January.

So I guess this is just to say that if you a kindred spirit friend in your life, thank the Lord for him/her/them. Encourage them. Let them encourage you. Pray for them. Let them pray for you. Challenge them. Let them challenge you. And let the Lord grow a friendship through which He desires to reveal Himself.

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