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Just Come

I will cry tonight. I’ve already cried today. Christmas does that to me. But now it’s for a whole different set of reasons. We will sing carols and turn out the lights and sing Silent Night by candlelight and smell the candles as the flames are snuffed out and the wicks smolder. And I will cry.

I cry usually because I miss family. I remember my mess and miss the manger, although that’s gotten better this year. I cry because this year…in a new way…it’s REAL! I’ve been invited. I get to come! Someone likes me enough and doesn’t mind my quirky personality and invites me to the party. And the cool thing…is you get to come too.

Oh come – there it is…there’s the invitation right there so no one misses it!

All ye faithful – doesn’t mean perfect, just means still pursuing

Joyful and triumphant – when we realize what we have there is no other fitting response than to be joyful and triumphant

Oh come ye, O come ye – there it is again (getting the message you are REALLY invited!)

To Bethlehem – a specific point for a specific purpose (see next line)

Come and behold Him – LOOK! Gaze upon! FIX YOUR EYES ON THE MANGER AND NOT THE MESS!

Born the King of Angels – that’s pretty lofty – higher than the angels….this is someone P-R-E-T-T-Y special!

Oh come let us adore Him – just adore Him….treasure Him….lift Him in high esteem even though He lies in hopefully at least clean straw

Oh come let us adore Him – just keep doing it….it doesn’t get old….there is much to perceive

Oh come let us adore Him CHRIST THE LORD! – the fulfillment of the promise your ancestors only spoke of. You are seeing it in front of yourselves. Go ahead…pinch yourself….you’re really here…and so is He.

And He simply says come. He said it then and He says it now. Just come. With all your faults and foibles and ragamuffiness. Just come. Behold Him.

He is CHRIST THE LORD! Is He Christ YOUR Lord? He can be. He invited you to come.

Now you just need to invite Him to come to you. I pray you do that today. Now. Because the party has already started. And you were invited a long time ago. JUST COME.

Not sure what this is all about? Send me a message…I’d LOVE to answer your questions. Because it’s a party you don’t want to miss!

Merry Christmas!

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