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Just Passing Through

Been re-reading my posts. Scroll down to August 3, 2009. Read that one first. Then come back to this one. I’ll wait.

This past Sunday our mission team to El Salvador shared about their trip this past June. It was bittersweet for me – sweet because it’s my heart desire (missions). Bitter because I’m still waiting. But right after the worship team led us in song – including some in Spanish, which I LOVED, I found myself writing what I’m about to share. Having just re-read my post from 3 years ago, I find a little solace in the thought that maybe I’m actually making some progress. Maybe I’m starting to ‘get it.’ Maybe, just maybe, like Paul, I’m learning the secret of being content in any circumstance. And maybe, just maybe, my waiting period is starting to narrow.


I’m just passing through. Not just this life, but even at this place and this time. Because I don’t belong here. Not only on this earth, but at this place and time. Because God has another destination for me. Not only on this earth, but also at this place and time. God has plans for me – plans to take me to minister to Hispanic people. And the waiting is SO hard! So I surrender myself to Him, His plan, and to the wait. For to wait with patience and contentment gives Him glory. Don’t get me wrong. The waiting is a KILLER! I DON’T WANT TO BE HERE! But it’s where God has me. So I will wait. I will struggle. I will cry. I’ll yearn. But I will wait and prayerfully give Him glory in the process. Because THAT is what the wait is all about.

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