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Keeping the plates spinning

You’ve heard the phrase that life is a circus….well….my act is the one where all the plates are spinning & you have to keep them all going so they don’t fall off & break.

Today we spun the house plate and the medical plate. Just got back from signing the ‘request to remedy.’ Spent all lunch on the phone w/family talking about the inspection report to make decisions. Now we wait. Second-level negotiations. Part of the process. Spin the plate.

The medical plate needed a spin at the same time. Got a message that at least my MRI tomorrow has been approved. Spin the plate. But then the plate decided to let me know it’s teetering a bit when I got home. Got a form in the mail – the walking boot they’re trying to get me needs me to give supporting documentation for why it’s necessary. Gee…how ’bout…..’CUZ I CAN’T WALK WITHOUT IT and the doc said so?!’

Gotta spin that plate tomorrow when I can call the doc.

Good thing my plate spinning can be considered a sedentary sport right now!

My foot can’t take all the activity!

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