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Leaving on a Jet Plane

My Giggle Twin has left on a jet plane. Tammy was home for a month and left early this morning to return to the orphanage in Honduras where she’s a volunteer. We got a chance to talk last week for 2 hours and it was 2 of the best hours! We picked up right where we left off. Kindred spirit friends do that. She ‘understands’ without me having to try to find feeble words to explain. She asks the tough questions to keep pushing me onward. We even talked a little in Spanish, which was great practice for me (my tutor told me last night she can tell I have a lot of Spanish in my mind – we’re just working on getting it to click when I speak – that was encouraging).

I miss Tammy. There are few people these days who are deep friends – heart friends – REAL friends who speak the truth in love; who aren’t afraid to reprove you; who are quick to encourage you; who are open with you about their heart’s ups & downs; who expect the same from you that they give to you; who you can just ‘be’ with and not say a word and feel like you had the best time in the world. Tammy is that type of friend to me. And I miss her.

Next time she’s back maybe, if she has the time, I’ll take a flight to Atlanta (even for a weekend) to visit with her, meet her family, and just ‘be’ with her. I can always use a good Giggle.

She’s following her heart, which is to follow God’s will for her life. She does it well. She does it with grace. And she does it humbly. God is using her mightily down there, though the visual results are hard to find at times. Yet she knows that is where the Lord wants her – needs her – to be His hands and feet to those kids at the orphanage. And to do anything else, anywhere else, would be empty and hollow and unfulfilling. She is joyful because she is obeying the Lord. I’m thankful to have her in my life, too.

Dios te bendiga, mi amiga (God bless you, my friend).

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