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Letter to a Ragamuffin

I yearn for you. I see you from a distance – not of My creation but of yours. And I so want to scoop you in My arms and smother you with love. When you’re ready. Because I’m patient. I’ll wait for you. I’ll wait as long as it takes…as long as it takes for you to finally accept that nothing else will fill the void I created in  you…except Me. Nothing else will satisfy…except Me. And nothing else will heal and fulfill and give new direction and purpose…except Me.

You’re barricaded yourself – your heart – your emotions behind this false wall of protection – when I am the only one who can really protect you. You build – erect – what you think – hope – imagine – are impenetrable walls of steel to encase your most vulnerable part – your heart. And yet you sit behind this wall aching, yearning, crying, hoping for someone to get behind it and hold you, love you, comfort you, accept you just as you are, not as you think you should be.

What you are is broken, hurt, bruised and in some cases shattered. You are Humpty Dumpty after falling off the wall. And I long to put you back together – better than the original because of the scars. Not in spite of them, but because of them. I can – and will – use your scars to further my Kingdom on Earth. I want you to be a part of that. I want to use you to reach those who would never think of taking a step toward Me. They can’t see Me so they don’t trust Me. But they see you. You are real. And your story is real. They just don’t yet know that when they take a step toward you they take a step toward Me.

But first you must let me heal you so I can use you to the fullest extent possible. I need you to take down the wall, once and for all. Or better yet, I need you to let Me do it. I can – and will – do it in a gentle way yet a thorough way – a way that shows how much I love you and will pursue you. So stop. Still yourself. Let me catch you with my amazing love. And let me rebuild our story – add to it – to be used for My glory.

That is my simple request of you Ragamuffin. Quit running and let Me hold you. I am your Prince of Peace. Be still and KNOW that I am God. I can handle the fear. I can handle the emotional intensity. And I can make all things new. Dare to believe that I love you. Take a chance on Me. What do you have to lose? What do you stand to gain?

I’m here. I’m waiting. I love you. Race to My grace. Run into My arms. I will catch you. Because I desire you. I’m waiting.

– God

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