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Life at home

There’s a reason they call vacation ‘vacation.’ The root word is ‘vacate.’ Leave. Abandon. Disregard. GET THE HECK OUT OF DODGE!

And there’s a reason when you come back you wish you could go back: work.

Let’s just say they missed me. Terribly! And it took me all day Monday to ALMOST get the orders checked that were left in the bin from while I was gone. I just got those done yesterday! I’m still a day behind in checking orders! I mean, even the President of the Company made a point of stopping by to say hi, ask how vacation was, and tell me they missed me!

Then Tuesday hit and we all had to go in at 6am (we were 50 orders behind). I had to leave for a couple hours for the hearing on my foot ( pray for favor). It was MOTS (More of The Same).

And now it’s Wednesday and we go in at 7am again. I’m not complaining – I actually like going in early because I get more done in the hour or so before the phones start ringing. The Lord provides!

But I’m a bit tired. It’s super hot here (that Texas heat index of over 100 is now in Ohio, and we don’t have air conditioning so we’re running 4-5 fans.) The heat isn’t that bad – it’s the humidity.

So we’re back in the saddle again, ‘running’ hard (figuratively, since I’m still on crutches!).

Pray for us – for strength, focus, and good attitudes.

Time to get ready for work….thanks!

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