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Life at home

There’s a reason they call vacation ‘vacation.’ The root word is ‘vacate.’ Leave. Abandon. Disregard. GET THE HECK OUT OF DODGE!

And there’s a reason when you come back you wish you could go back: work.

Now work is work because it’s work. Funny how that works!

And I’ve been working since I got back. Oh, I took Saturday afternoon to chill (I only had 2 hours sleep before I got up to get to the airport – had to readjust from Sitton Standard Time (SST) to my schedule). Sunday I started feeling a little more energetic but was still a bit wiped out. And then Monday hit: go in at 7am.

Let’s just say they missed me. Terribly! And it took me all day Monday to ALMOST get the orders checked that were left in the bin from while I was gone. I just got those done yesterday! I’m still a day behind in checking orders! I mean, even the President of the Company made a point of stopping by to say hi, ask how vacation was, and tell me they missed me!

And no Monday is complete without a trip to the doc after work!

Then Tuesday hit and we all had to go in at 6am (we were 50 orders behind). I had to leave for a couple hours for the hearing on my foot ( pray for favor). It was MOTS (More of The Same).

And now it’s Wednesday and we go in at 7am again. I’m not complaining – I actually like going in early because I get more done in the hour or so before the phones start ringing. The Lord provides!

But I’m a bit tired. It’s super hot here (that Texas heat index of over 100 is now in Ohio, and we don’t have air conditioning so we’re running 4-5 fans.) The heat isn’t that bad – it’s the humidity.

So we’re back in the saddle again, ‘running’ hard (figuratively, since I’m still on crutches!).

Pray for us – for strength, focus, and good attitudes.

Time to get ready for work….thanks!

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