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Living at the office

I sit at my computer w/my bowl of oatmeal, watching the time & getting ready to go to work (I”m on an instant oatmeal kick lately….the flavored stuff!). It’s been a busy week – I feel like I’m living at the office. Well, I guess it’s not THAT bad…yet. By the time tomorrow night hits I”ll work 6-7 hours OT (like yesterday I went in at 6:45 & stayed til 6:30 and I”m going back in at 6:45 again today).

Faithful with little, faithful with much is in action at the office. I’ve been with the Company 6 years and now I”m doing some marketing as well as customer service. And winter is the busy season for marketing and I’m eating it up! I’m working on an entirely new price book which includes 3 new door lines that came out from the manufacturer as well as existing door line extensions. It’s HUGE! And it’s FUN! And my deadline for having a draft of the entire book for the Company President is 5pm tomorrow, and we’re still doing graphic layout edits. We still have to enter pricing! I’m praying I can get thru my last 2 door lines today & blitzkrieg thru the pricing tomorrow with time to convert to a .pdf. I’d appreciate prayers.

But right now I have to finish breakfast, pack a lunch, & get out of here! Bye!

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