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Mach 1 with our hair on fire!

The last month since I got back from vacation that’s been the speed of my life…we’ve not yet reached Mach 2 or 3…Mach 1 is wild enough! I thank God each day for the energy and provision.

Week 1 after vacation: worked 50 hours, including my first Saturday 1/2 day in my career at this company

Week 2: worked 46-1/2 hours

Week 3: worked 47 hours, had my sister & her 2 friends for dinner Friday night; went to the Buckey Bash Ferret Show to see them in action on Saturday & waited out 2 tornado warnings; had 12 people to the house on Sunday (including the above 3, myself, Mom, Scott, my 84 year old Aunt from Cincy, her daughter (my cousin), my 2nd cousin and her 4 girls). WE HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!! And we intend to have Aunt Marie up again in October!

Week 4: worked 47-1/2 hours and am heading to Dayton tomorrow for a family reunion on my Dad’s side of the family, and I’ll get to see Dad, too (I missed him last week at the ferret show – they left before we got there).

Each of the last 4 weeks we’ve averaged 2 days going in at 6am. Those are the killer days. But it means we get out on time! It’s a wonderful problem to have and the Lord is providing where I can pay off bills that were coming due (like the refrigerator, a car repair). AND….our customer service team won the first month of a 2-month competition between the 3 branches so we each received a $50 prepaid Visa card. We have 2 more weeks left and our goal is a clean sweep – the prize is a $50 prepaid Visa for each of the 4 week periods. So I’m trying to decide if I want to use it for Christmas spending or get something for myself, but I really don’t know what I desire. We’ll see.

So if I”m not on here a lot, now you know why. It’s a wonderful problem to have, tho it does get a bit taxing. And stressful. The day is coming when it will slow down so I”ll enjoy it while we can. But pray for us. Let’s just say I’ve slept an AWFUL lot this weekend. And Tuesday starts at 6am again.

And I start my Spanish again this week on Wednesday…we took August off.

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