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Magnetic pull

Sometimes you just need to worship. Woke up this morning, had my time reading the Word & praying, & wanted to put on a CD. I really wanted to listen to Chris Tomlin’s CD but it’s still buried from the move, so I put in Passion. And I just feel myself getting swept away. That magnetic pull of the heart – His heart pulling mine – to just worship…not ‘do’ but just ‘be.’ I’ve had a ton of ‘doing’ in my life the last month but I’ve been noticing a desire to just pull back & pull in & rest…not just physically, but mentally & emotionally. So much pulling at and for my attention & energy – not just the house, but work and other things…you know…we call it ‘life.’ But I can feel the need to release – to dance before the Lord and express myself physically before Him and just love Him and express that love & let Him speak to my heart. He has my heart in a strong magnetic pull, and no matter how much we may try to run or how busy we get, He knows when we need to just pull back & refocus. And for me, right now, that’s being done with a worship CD.

May your life today be an act of worship to the Lord.

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