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Well, maybe we’ll get an answer tomorrow? I have my 3rd MRI tomorrow (hey – that’s a personal best! – it’s the athlete in me). Hopefully the specialized pics & radiologists reading the films will find the cause of the problem.

I can say with certainty there’s still a problem! I’ve tried a couple things ‘cuz it seemed like it was feeling a little better. Well, it wasn’t THAT better! Like going to the grocery store & only using 1 crutch & using the cart as the other. Wrong move. Not yet ready for prime time on that one. Even walking around the apartment with the boot but not crutches on a padded carpet makes it hurt after a while. I’ve got to try things if it feels like I can – but it’s not ready, so I’m still clinging to the crutches.

So pray for me, would you? Mainly for a clear diagnosis, ‘cuz we really can’t treat with any certain direction until we figure out what’s going on. And God has chosen to mask the complication explanation for the last 6 weeks. And He’s allowed…He’s God; I’m not. But He doesn’t mind us asking, either. Thanks.

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