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My passion

I got a call over the weekend from an ‘old friend’ of mine. We met when I worked at Hanover College 1988-1989. He was the President of FCA and I was the advisor. We spent many hours talking – not just about the group, but about life. Jeff has become a dear kindred spirit friend. He, his wife, and kids are precious. It’s been a while since we’ve visited so we hope to remedy that in 2008, but he called and we talked for 40 minutes and he apologized saying he had to ‘cut it short.’ What a blessing he is to me!

As Jeff and I talked I shared w/him about me earnestly starting to learn Spanish this past year and how it’s become ‘my thing.’ I told him I can’t explain why, but I have this deep, consuming desire to learn the language. He said he could hear the passion in my voice. That struck me.

I had never called it a passion before. Something I really like to do? Yes. Something I’m willing to invest time in? Yes. A challenge to master in my 40s? Yes. A steady hobby? Yes. A passion? Not quite sure. Until Jeff said it. It clicked. It IS my passion. It has captivated my heart and mind and has become a priority in my life. I choose it over other things at times. Few understand it. Others ask ‘why?’ Others say ‘good for you.’ I just say ‘Lord, help me understand!’

But it IS my passion. There is a drive in my heart to propel me down this road. There is a purpose & determination to it like I haven’t experienced in years. I have no idea why. Not every 44 year old sets out to learn a new language. And it’s cool because it’s not a class – it’s with a native Puerto Rican living in town. We meet at her house. Her whole family gets in on it. And then I give guitar lessons afterwards. It’s a 3 hour evening by the time it’s all done! And it’s a highlight of my week! I love it!

I’m glad Jeff called. He is a dear brother and friend – a kindred spirit friend close to my heart. He is that in-the-wings supporter who never forgets something you’ve said and will ask about it even years later. He’s in it for the long-haul. And I’m thankful he helped me put a finger on this thing going on in my life – this ‘hobby’ that has captivated my attention and time. He put a name to it, gave it an identity. And he hit it on the head. Passion.

May you discover your passion from the Lord in 2008.

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