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News from Honduras

Well…Tammy is OK after Felix’s visit. They just had a bunch of rain. Thanks so much to ‘Tammy’s Mom’ for sending a quick comment on the previous post, and I also got a quick email from Tammy. No word, yet, from Compassion on anything, so no news is good news in that regard. I know Compassion has been busy with the Peru earthquake and now Felix, so they’re tracking their projects a lot to see how they were effected & what needs they have. Because so much of the work is in villages and can be somewhat remote it can take a bit longer to get word. But if there’s a problem they WILL call – personally – just like they did when Alex left the program.

I have one more day of going in early – 6:30 this time. For a short week after a holiday it sure has been a long one – with an extra 6-1/2 hours worked after 7-1/2 hours of OT last week! The Lord provides & the bills they are a fallin’!

I’m tired, but thankful.

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