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‘Normalcy’? and Good News

I almost don’t know what to do! For the first time in 7 weeks since I’ve been back from vacation, I don’t have to go in early! I get to go in my normal (GASP!) time – 8am! I’m thankful for the abundant OT as bills have been getting paid off – what a huge blessing. But it was equally nice to lay in bed an extra 20 minutes today & just relax. What a treat! I don’t know that we’re back to ‘normal’ permanently, but I’ll take the treat even if it’s just for today!

And Doc gave me good news last night, too! For the first time since I’ve been seeing her (over a year), she told ME a goal she thinks is reasonable for getting off crutches – Thanksgiving. We’re seeing good progress – I’m up to walking 35ft. one way without crutches at work – which is glue-down carpet (no padding) – that’s the environment that’s given us so much trouble. So we’ll continue to see what happens. God is healing and He’s letting us see glimpses of it. I’ll still be in the boot a while after we ditch the crutches – and I can’t ditch crutches until I can do steps both directions without problems. We’re not going to rush it. We’re FINALLY back to where I was in May before I had flare-ups from trying to do steps. See how long it takes with this? Almost 4 months to finally get back to where I was the last time I started making progress. We’re not going to rush it.

But when doc’s encouraged, I”m encouraged!

But for now I guess I’ll sit and sip my coffee a bit longer until I have to get ready for work. I may actually see a sunrise again today! What a blessing that would be – God’s autograph on the dawn of another day.

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