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Not Knowing or Waiting to Hear

I don’t know which is worse – not knowing or waiting to hear. What’s the difference? Is there one? At this point I really don’t know. I’m just praying for answers.

Not knowing – still no clear diagnosis on the foot. Heading in for a personal record of a 3rd MRI for the same problem – this time to a foot/ankle specialty MRI facility that sends the films to the Cleveland Clinic where foot/ankle specialists read them.

Waiting to hear – been a crazy 48 hours of arguing (I’m sorry – active and direct negotiating) about the house contract. Waiting to get one more call to verify and hopefully sign paperwork yet tonight to move us to the closing table.

Not sure which is worse. Both require patience. Something that is a virtue. A virtue that I pray for right now. A good night’s sleep will help. But I can’t sleep yet. I’m still waiting to hear.

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