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One Common Denominator

Today life seems to be spinning more than usual. Things are happening at every turn. It’s quite the dichotomy.

A dear woman at our church was escorted to the hands of Jesus this morning. You can feel the sadness like a tidal wave pour across our church. It was only 2 months since the diagnosis. She leaves behind a tremendous husband and 2 boys under 4. And yet everyone is talking about her faith. Her faith. Her rock solid, tell me I’m going to meet my Jesus and I still have peace faith. She had told others ‘I will have the exact amount of days God has ordained for me and not one more.’ Her faith, her focus, her fortitude has challenged us all.

Two other dear saints at church continue their fights against the same horrid disease. One is still in treatments and another has surgery this week. Their fights are just as valiant, just as brave, just as inspiring and challenging.

Across a couple counties someone my brother knew is getting out of prison tomorrow and heading to a half way house for his last few months. He is dealing with his wife leaving him. He has a couple small children. And yet he writes me “God blesses me every day and I can see the blessings a lot more clearly now than I could before.”

Someone else at the same prison has poured himself into my brother, the person getting out tomorrow, and countless others. Another one of his buddies gets out Wednesday and soon he will be the only one left behind. Yet he is focused on God and drawing closer to Him while serving the rest of his sentence, yet preparing for his release and learning as much as he can while he has the opportunity.

Somewhere else other dear friends are grieving losses after having just started to heal from major losses.

Elsewhere folks prepare for the next Ragamuffin Retreat in KS, feeling God working and drawing them, fighting through anxiety, eager, apprehensive, hopeful, fearful, yet desperate for God to move….to show Himself….to somehow break through what they feel is hopeless….yet they hope.

Life goes on. Life goes around. And there is one common denominator: GOD.

BUT GOD! Two of THE best words in the Bible. They tear through our rationalizations. They demolish our fears. They trumpet our hopes. They throw a lifeline when we are drowning. They burn through the darkness and nudge us forward.

God knows. He sees. He orchestrates. He plants. He waters. He directs. He loves. Yes…HE LOVES! He doesn’t tolerate…He doesn’t put up with…HE LOVES! He fiercely, resolutely, steadfastly, patiently loves…..waits…..loves….woos…..understands…..forgives…..enlightens…..challenges….restores…He just LOVES.

No matter what is going on. No matter what happens. He never changes. And somehow….everyone can find comfort in that.

Psalm 71:20-21 NIV “Though You have made me see troubles, many and bitter, You WILL restore my life again. From the bottom of the depths You will again bring me up. You WILL increase my honor and comfort me once again.” (emphasis mine)

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