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One of ‘them’ days

You’vc heard the phrase. Ever wonder what one of ‘them’ days is? Is ‘them’ the problems? Or is ‘them’ the joys? Or is ‘them’ the gremlins that try to steal your joy? Well, whatever ‘them’ is, I had ’em today.

I just let frustration get to me. It was a good day until lunch. Usually lunch is supposed to be good, too. But I got frustrating news. I’m supposed to be at the MRI place right now. Well…’them’ crept in, caused paperwork delays, and thus I am home instead of lying with my foot in a tube praying for an answer to what the problem is. Then add in the afternoon at work, attitudes from a mixed bag of people, and other things going on and it was just one of ‘them’ days.

But the good thing is ‘it is well with my soul’ and that part – NONE of ‘them’ days will ever take away.

So in the end, I get the final laugh! ‘Cuz God’s got it all under control!

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