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Personal update

Well, I realize it’s been a while since I posted a general personal update so I thought I’d put one up real quick. Generally speaking:

1) I’m still on crutches – 6 months and still going – a new personal record (one I didn’t want to break!). I’m able to walk some on my foot – got written permission to go up to 20 ft. w/o crutches at work & down to 1 crutch at other times as able. At home I’m off crutches about 75% of the time inside on the padded carpet. When I’m 100% inside & out at home we’ll wean more at work. Work is a concrete slab w/glue down carpet. Even when I’m totally off crutches I’ll still be in my boot at least another 2 months. I go back tomorrow – her last statement 2 weeks ago was she hopes to have me walking before it starts to snow, so I’m hoping by my birthday in November I’ll be out of the boot.

2) I love being a homeowner – even with all the little things. I’m 42 and after living with families & in apartments my entire life it’s nice to have that responsibility. I just wish I could cut the grass! Scott, my brother, is responsible for that this year until I’m literally back on my feet. We’ve had our first experience with the home warranty company to get a leaky toilet fixed. Bought a new refrigerator – a scratch & dent but a nice deal. It arrives tomorrow. The free fridge we got is in the garage because it’s too big for our opening, so I’ve gone from no personal fridg to 2 in a month’s time! Bought a lawnmower for $35. Found a shovel & weed eater for a combined $35. I love budget shopping! Still LOTS of work to do but we’re moving along well on the list of stuff that has to happen (already completed: ridge vent, soffit vents, crawl space vapor guard, sump pump discharge pipe repair, altered steps from garage to house, concrete in the old ground hog holes, crawl space insulation replaced/tacked back in place, hearth from woodburner removed). It’s exciting & fun.

3) My sister comes in Friday. Her roommate is a veterinarian and they breed ferrets & dogs. There’s a big ferret show in Columbus this weekend so they’re coming for dinner on Friday night…my first dinner guest! She really wanted to come over to help move but couldn’t. She’s so excited for us and I’m excited about that. She’s lost a lot of weight so I probably won’t recognize her – it’s been over a year since I’ve seen her. Her roomie has lost a lot of weight, too.

4) Work is crazy. It’s fun, though. They’ve entrusted me with re-creating our entire company price book – what I’m doing will become the price book for all 3 of our locations and also the template for 2-3 other custom books we produce. WHAT A PRIVILEGE! We used to do the entire thing in Excel which was insane. Now we’re doing it in Adobe InDesign CS2. It’s fun to learn new software yet my background in PageMaker comes in handy since it’s the same company. They took me off phones for Customer Service so I could focus on this project, but this week I’ll be back on CS stuff at least 2 days because of people being on vacation. I’m thankful to be able to contribute in a variety of ways. It’s only the Lord.

That’s the quick & dirty version. Time to get ready for church. Maybe one of these weeks I can WALK across the gravel parking lot & not have to use crutches!

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