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Red Neck Snow Plow

We FINALLY got snow! Central Ohio & we FINALLY got snow…1/2 way thru January. Now, I promised the doc I wouldn’t ski this year (that was easy – my foot won’t LET me ski!). And I’ve promised friends I’ll behave when it snows. You see – I’m the kind that’s out there with the kids from church running in the snow & having a snowball fight & whole deal…and sledding down the hills and all! So tho a bit dicey on the driving, I’m liking the 2 inches of snow. But crutches and an open-toed isolation boot make terrible ski apparel.

Being a new homeowner and my first year in a house with snow allows many opportunities. One of which is keeping the driveway passable. So when I got home from church I could tell the driveway needed a little assistance. It’s a gravel driveway so shoveling it could cause other problems, so I utilized my resource. I drove in the driveway up to the garage. Then I went in reverse. I turned the wheel a small distance, put it in drive again, and drove forward. Then I hit reverse again. I repeated the procedure a number of times and was rather proud of my innovative use of resources. And my brother came out of the house, looked at me, challenged me to spin a donut in the middle of the driveway, and then said, ‘what’s this? A red neck snow plow?!’

Seriously, it’s fun! I got inside & they were making suet feeders for the birds. It’s so nice to have trees to feed the birds instead of having to put stuff on your small apartment front porch. Now I have SPACE and I can feed as many animals as I want in as many ways as I please. And it’s fun watching the little kid come out of my brother & my Mom and all of us rush to the window to watch the birds come flocking to eat. Ah….the simple pleasures of life!

So since I can’t play in it this year, I can at least play with it! Have a great day. I’m going to go watch the birds.

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