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Remembering Aunt Dot


We got word late Tuesday night that my Aunt Dot passed away. My heart is sad. There were 6 sisters in my mom’s family; now there are 4 left with us. Aunt Eleanor died a number of years ago.

We had been to see Aunt Dot & Aunt Marie last June. They lived at the same nursing home. I hurt for Aunt Marie since they would see each other at every meal. Lonely people make my heart hurt.

Our visit was a couple hours long. They were a HOOT! I told Mom I’d go again in a flash – they were THAT much fun! We laughed literally until Mom had tears coming out her eyes. We pulled out the pictures Tuesday night and laughed some more, and we’re burning them to CD to give to people. It was a good day. A VERY good day.

Funny…when I was growing up I was never one to really ‘enjoy’ going to visit. Now I wish I could see her again. My heart hurts and my eyes ache from crying. The funeral is Monday.

But for now, enjoy Aunt Dot. Mom brought them both some goetta – one of their daddy’s recipes of oats and pork and hamburger that is a family favorite (I guess my taste buds have never turned to the same page…I don’t eat it). It brought them both SUCH joy that day…you can see it in her face! It just lit up! And the other picture is of all 3 of them…don’t ask me what they were toasting to…but I know it was funny!

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