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Wow. That’s all I know to say. The last month has been absolutely unbelievable. I can’t even begin to try to convey what’s happened. I have so many blog post ideas going through my mind but I think this one will just be ‘decompress’ so the good stuff can come out. Stay tuned for posts like ‘Ripple Effects’, ‘Personal Jerusalem’, ‘Tomb Time’ and the like. But for now, I’m just speechless, and for a Speech major, that’s saying something.

Sometimes God speaks through people. Sometimes God speaks through circumstances. Sometimes God is silent and is speaking through the silence. I think I’ve experienced all of these in the last month. And through it all I continue to feel His presence. Some would call me ‘crazy’ when they see me smile while telling them of things God is doing through hard challenges. And those same people hug me and let me cry when I’m having a ‘moment.’ They understand the human. They can’t wrap their head around the spiritual.

Sometimes it’s a song lyric. Sometimes it’s someone asking ‘how are YOU doing?’ and waiting for a real response. Sometimes it’s someone coming over to help with something that needs done that I just haven’t been able to get to. In any and every way, God speaks. And I’m listening. And here’s what I’m hearing:

“You are worth it. You are worth the time, effort, and energy it takes to recreate you, no matter how messy and hard things may get. You are worth time alone and you are worth My time. You are being refined like gold and while the furnace may feel hot, it’s only as hot as I need it to be to accomplish My will for your life. Lean into me. Trust me. Love me. I can do what You cannot. I can be where you are not. I know, I see, I understand, and I’ve already taken care of it. You just need to trust me. When you think you’ve trusted Me, trust Me more. Let go more. Talk to Me more. Listen to Me more. And let Me love you more.”

I listen better when I’m speechless.

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