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Te Quiero Mucho, mi amiga

I have a twin. Don’t you see the resemblance? You probably didn’t know that. I didn’t know that either until we met 2 years ago. We were separated at birth. And we met at the strangest of places…in the airport in Miami, and we ended up being on the same flight overseas. God has a way of doing cool things like that. As we said on the trip, ‘It’s a God thing!’

She’s my ‘giggle twin.’ She was my roommate on the Honduras trip and we’ve maintained contact. Last year on my way back from the Mexico mission trip I had a layover in Atlanta & she came to the airport & we got to visit for 2 hours. We played ‘Marco Polo’ on our cell phones just to find each other! WHAT A BLESSING! And we picked up right where we left off….GIGGLING!

I feel so ‘alive’ when I’m with her – energized, able to be spontaneous yet discuss deep things of the heart, keep each other in the spiritual game, encourage, counsel, reprove, and just be. I could sit with her for hours & not have to do anything & be totally content, tho I don’t know that either of us could sit that long when we’re with the other. We’re twins!

And now she’s moving. We have similar hearts for missions, and she’s moving to Honduras for 6 months to work at an orphanage I’m ecstatic for her & the way the Lord has opened the doors for her. I know how much she loves Honduras – we both fell in love with it. And she’s INCREDIBLE with kids. She’ll get a chance to use her photography skills & other giftings. And she has a couple kids from Compassion International that she sponsors in Honduras (why we both went to Honduras – on a sponsor tour to meet our kids) so she’s hoping she’ll get a chance to be see them again, too.

Since I couldn’t go to Mexico this year our reunion in Atlanta got canceled. We both know the Lord has His reasons but we were looking forward to seeing each other again.

So this is just to let you see my twin and ask you to pray for her. She is very special to me. I will miss having instant contact with her and look forward to her return for selfish reasons. And we’re thankful for the internet so we can keep in touch.

Te Quiero Mucho, mi Hermana!

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