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The ‘happy/sad’ phone call

The phone rang last night after I got home. No big deal. We decided to answer it (usually the landline is busy with the computer and most calls are those annoying ‘computer calls’ so a lot of times we don’t answer – if someone needs us, they have our cell numbers). Anyway, it turned out to be a live person on the line. And they asked for me.

It was a soft-spoken voice. She identified herself as being from Compassion International.This is the organization through which I sponsor 2 boys from Honduras. Look closely at the picture to the left. Those are my boys. From left to right: Ninrod (formerly sponsored but I got to meet him, too), Angel (pronounced ‘On hale’), and Alex. This was the day my lifelong dream came true – when I got to meet them in Honduras. I’ll never forget that day. It still brings tears to my eyes and I wish I could go back. How I love ‘my boys.’

Anyway…back to that call. The woman told me she was calling with an update about one of my boys from Honduras. Now realize – they usually send updates every year or two, but to call – well, that’s something major. It’s either good news or bad news. She had news about Alex. I got a little guarded and kind of figured something was coming (I’ve received similar calls in the past). She told me that Alex was no longer able to be sponsored because he had moved out of the Compassion project area. That’s usually a good sign meaning that family conditions had improved. And such was the case. But get this: HE’S MOVING TO THE STATES WITH HIS MOTHER!!!!!!!

DO YOU REALIZE HOW HUGE THIS IS?! Alex lived with his grandmother because his mother was away working. The day I met him his aunt came with him because his mother couldn’t. His grandmother has health problems. To go from the poverty of Honduras to moving to the States?! MAN, THAT MAKES ME CRY WITH EXCITEMENT! I can’t even find the words to express it….the opportunities they will have!

So I was crying as I talked with the CI rep. It’s what I call the ‘happy/sad’ call.

I’m ECSTATIC for the family and thankful I had an opportunity to meet him and pour into his life a little – simply by giving him and the family an opportunity to be exposed to the gospel.

I pray the bad seeds of the States (liberalism, false religion, etc.) do not snatch the seeds that have been planted in their lives. I pray in some way I had a small part to play – even if it was simply helping take a little pressure off the mom for a bit.

The day I met them I made sure I had something for each of them: a Bible. I gave Alex a children’s Bible reader with stories & discussion questions (he was only 6). I pray he still has it. Angel got his Bible a year ago when my ‘roomie’ (Tammy) returned to Honduras. She gave it to the country staff to get to him. And I gave Ninrod his Bible when we met. In Ninrod’s I highlighted a lot of my favorite verses and sent him on a ‘treasure hunt.’ He said he wants to be a pastor.

So it was the ‘happy/sad’ phone call from Compassion. They will be calling me back on Monday to let me know if there’s any way to send a ‘farewell’ letter or even locate him in the States to write him. I would very much love that. I don’t expect CI to be able to help with that, but if you’d pray that they could/would, I’d really appreciate it. Shoot – Mom & Scott (my bro) have already said they could see me wanting to have them come to our place to visit. Si! Si! (yes, yes!). I’ll know more on Monday about the possibility of making contact.

I still cry a little – even as I type. I love that boy so much. He was a chatter-box and SO full of energy! We just laughed all day long. And his letters are so dear. And having met him – well, it’s even MORE special!

And I guess now I get to pour into Angel even more. He told me he wants to be a pastor. And he’s gone from telling me he didn’t know his letters/numbers (which he did – he was just shy) to writing me letters on his own. It’s so much fun to see their development.

If you’d like more info on CI or would even like to sponsor a child, drop me an email. I’m a volunteer with them and I can get you the information more quickly.

In the meantime, look closely at that picture to the left. And if you see Alex (taller with a longer face, now) in the area, drop me a line. I’d like to see him again and this time meet his mom.

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