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Three Years and Counting…

Today is a special day. My youngest brother, Scott, celebrates his 3rd year of sobriety today. I am beyond words with how proud I am of him.

In AA the members mark milestones with tokens, or coins. When you attend your first meeting you get your 24 hour coin, and in the first year you get one for each month. Until that coveted 1 year coin. That’s a milemarker.

Scott was given his 1 year coin by his sponsor in my kitchen…the night before his sentencing for his drunk driving accident that pushed him to sobriety. What an honor.

Scott was given his 2nd year coin last August when he got out of prison and went to his home group meeting a few days later. He had to wait for that one…but oh…what a celebration.

Scott got his 3rd year coin today. I had the privilege of giving it. But it wasn’t just any coin.

When Scott got home last fall he said he took the lead from his sponsor and wanted to give both Mom and I his coins. Mom got his 1st year coin and I got his second. So last November when I went o visit Dad and shared all that with him Dad decided to keep it going. He gave me his 3rd year coin to give to Scott.

And today I got the honor of presenting it to him. With this simple message from Dad: “I love you. I’m proud of you. And I have a lot more of these to give you….but you have to earn them….one day at a time.” (Dad is 24 years sober).

Scott will get his other 3rd year coin from his sponsor…probably tomorrow. And he has already said he had planned to give it to Dad….before Dad gave him his. What a special moment.

So this is just a moment to share the celebration. He has seen the bottom – and I have seen him at the bottom. We have gone through the bottom with him. And love prevails. The distance is growing between the present and the past, and the present is strong. I get a front row seat to watching God restore him, improve him, grow him, and use him. Not only in my life but in the lives of others. He has a HUGE heart and as I said while he was gone, I’m excited for others to see the man I always knew was in there.

So here’s to you bro! Your sister is speechless and bursting with pride. Press on….one day at a time.

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