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Together again…priceless!

What an INCREDIBLE weekend! We (Mom, all 3 of my brothers, my 3 nieces, and myself) converged on little old New Stanton, PA this weekend. We came from 3 different cities with one purpose – surprise my sister for her birthday this week. Beth (sister) knew Mom, Scott, and I were coming, but she didn’t know everyone else was coming. The only person not there was Dad. Bummer.

He was missed.

The 3 of us (Mom, Scott, and me) went over Friday and Beth & her roomie came to the hotel. We laughed and visited for well over an hour (I think it was close to 2?). Shoot…we were having so much fun at about 10:45pm the phone rang. It was the front desk telling us they had a noise complaint from our room. OOPS…sorry…didn’t know having fun was a crime. You know me – the rabble rouser that I am! Even my brothers said the next day that 10:45 is a little early– 11:30pm – sure…and we’re the one making the call. The desk clerk even said she thought it was a pretty weak complaint. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Saturday the rest of the family got there. They had a little time to unwind & the kids wanted to swim a bit. After a creative detour for my brothers (we visited a fresh fruit stand waiting for them to turn around on the turnpike) we finally got to Beth’s house. We had a nice surprise (her roomie was pleased that we pulled it off!), went out to eat, had a tremendous time there, and then we crashed at the hotel. The nieces were in adjoining rooms so they stayed up til midnight until the dads shut it down.

Sunday we went back to Beth’s and then to play putt putt. The girls had about an hour to swim in the morning (I think I have 3 fish for nieces!). Putt Putt was fun – it was adventure golf. Mom was able to play 11 holes, which was WONDERFUL! She’s 74 and mildly disabled, so it was great that she was able to play with us. She just enjoys seeing her kids together, like any Mom. Shoot….I was even able to play on my crutches!

We had to say our goodbyes after putt putt, but not before the obligatory pictures. We recruited 2 other putt putters to take our pictures….I don’t think they realized what they were in for! 6 cameras and about 20 pictures later….

It was fun to see Mom strike a pose when Steve, my oldest brother, put his cowboy hat on her head. WHAT A HOOT! I can’t wait for THOSE pictures to come back! Let’s just say I’m confident we’ll see them again!

I hope you had a great weekend, too. In 2 weeks I’m supposed to head to Texas, hopefully. We’ll make that decision a week from today after I see the doc again. Pray for me and my family – that we make the best decision and that if I go, I can serve To Every Tribe Ministries well and that my family will be OK in my absence.

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